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  • Liyang Chengyi Fabric co., Ltd
  • Address:Tian Jiashan, Tianmu
  •               Lake Town, Liyang City,
  •               Jiangsu Province, China
  • Whatsapp:+86-13951204153(Serina)
  • Sales Department:0519-87989966
  • Fax:0519-87989887
  • Website:
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Liyang City-billion Fabric Co., Ltd. New Website Formally Launched,All Customers Please Provide PreciousAdvice


Our company isthe professional factories which products and operates ofdeep processing coated substrate like various types of real silk fabrics, synthetic fabrics, hemp fabrics,chemical fiber and cotton blended or interwoven fabric, polyester-cotton (T / C) and cotton fabrics etc. Products are mainly used in clothing, industrial fabrics (such as: car covers, aircraft cover, computer cover, canvas, ventilation, etc.), tourist supplies cloth (such as: awning, tents, sleeping bags, luggage). It has superior performance with windproof, dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet. The products not only have special protective function and good decorative effect, but also has a strong fabric style, various types, bright color, soft touch and so on.


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