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  • Liyang Chengyi Fabric co., Ltd
  • Address:Tian Jiashan, Tianmu
  •               Lake Town, Liyang City,
  •               Jiangsu Province, China
  • Whatsapp:+86-13951204153(Serina)
  • Sales Department:0519-87989966
  • Fax:0519-87989887
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LuggageFabric Market Analysis

Luggage fabrics industry is a labor-intensive industries and it have to face the influence about low-tech, low barriers to employment, low brand value, low export tax rebates and high metastatic industry, high labor costs, high raw material prices, high factors of Foreign Trade Barriers.To some extent, these new problems and challenges restricted the development of luggage fabrics industry. How to train, introduce, use and retain talent, standardize enterprise talent management? How to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation? These are Baigou luggage industry development need to be solved.We should strive to cultivate talents with international vision, improve the international information network, set up baigou development centers, distribution centers in foreign countries. We should also consider working with world-class companies, at the right time, according to the strength of an international brand acquisition, or construction in other parts of the city baigou luggage etc.In the consolidation of the domestic market share at the same time, take advantage of baigou regional economic and industrial advantages, open the door to international markets, luggage fabrics industry achieve better and faster development.

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