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Luggage Fabrics Market Demand Escalating

Luggage fabric is a big category textile market, luggage oxford fabrics are 1680D double-stranded,single-stranded series; double-stranded jacquard series; color jacquard series; elater lattice series; filament lattice series; Gucci nylon series; cation oxford series ; weaving varieties and so on. Now it informed fabric bags transactions significantly warmer sales are climbing, investigated from Jiaxing, Shengze, Changxing and other textile manufacturing base. Oxford fabricis on the most leading position.

Today,the outer luggage is generally oxford fabric, The PU coated white processingcan reach the effect of waterproof and anti-tear. The thin Oxford and jacquard seriesmay be lined with a lining cloth, the PA coating can be waterproof and breathable, and some through the PVC coating can make the effect of anti-corrosion, pest control and anti-bacteria, at the same time to achieve the non-toxic standards. The luggage fabric’s Seasonal is not very strong, sales are quite goodfull-year, especially that sales gradually turn for the betterafter the August. There are hundreds of luggage enterprises to seize the opportunity before the National Day production, luggage fabric purchasing volume is larger, light Oxford cloth is popular, and high elastic Oxford cloth, etc.

Among them, the light Oxford cloth specifications for the raw materials is big bright polyester FDY 420D × 420D, and is on the water faucet machinetwill weaving. The product feel more soft and fastness strong. Industry insiders say, on the one hand, twill oxford fabricsmore extensive use, it is used to produce the best luggage fabrics; on the other hand, the product twill weaving process is relatively high, the current market supply and demand balance is rising, so that the product has a selling situation in the market.

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