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The Use of Technology in Printing Fabric Weaving Products

Printing technology used in weaving products are very common, it believes that many consumers are also can know it.Many weaving products used in the market now is printing technology, it is one of the printing technology like the comprehensive printing and so on.

Now printing technology often used in the weaving products also has a lot, the following is several of them.

1. Direct printing
This kind of printing way like his name, is a methoddirectly to print the requireddesign on the printed fabric.Just like sounded, this method is very simple and direct, it is more common now, there are a large part of the product on the market is done through it.

2. The discharge
This printed object is different fromlast one, it uses the object itself having a certain color, in this way has been printeda pattern on dyed fabric is discharge.Discharge of dyes differsfrom others , it usually uses some of the reducing agent or oxidizing agent as supplementary material according to the different actual situation.

Now the most popular form of printing technology many people have heard is digital printing, these are printing technology used more now.


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