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Operation Process of Printed Fabrics

Blue calico historically from ancient time to now, is circulatinga very long time. Now the operation process of the blue calico is development of mature, showing a variety of process conditions. Blue calico modern production technology and the ancient craft is quite different, May you understandthe ancient craft?

Nantong civil blue calico began in the Ming dynasty, has spread to now.After generations of folkartists, especially contemporary folk craftsman's unremitting efforts, blue calico developed from a single cloth productsto a variety of fabric products, from the practical life to a variety types of practical and decoration, from folk to the city, it reached unprecedented brilliance.

Nantong blue calico is one of the most representative folk arts and crafts. Nantong blue calico museum founded by Wu Yuanxin has been listed as the Chinese blue calico base, he is responsible for declaration of the "Nantong blue calico printing and dyeing techniques" has been listed in the first batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage list. Nantong is also named as the township of blue print. The honorary title of Wu Yuanxin is inseparable hiskeeping on studying in blue calico fieldquietly and insisted on handing down the tradition about 3O years.

Extracted blue from the indigo blue grass for dye (indigo), then put hollow flower version on the white cloth, with a squeegee scraping resist paste agent into the pattern space printed on the cloth, after dry scraping resist pulp powder, next put it into cylinder, oxidation after 20 minutes, let in air 30 minutes, usually after six to eight times repeatedly dyeing will make the desired color.Then take out the oxidation in air, and scrape powder paste resist after dry, that is showing blue and white pattern. Because it is hand-dyeing, pulpafterdry will inevitablycrack which form the unique charm of blue calico - ice crack. And now the machine prints with or without using the traditional skills of the blue calico is blue and clear.There is no trace of hand, so the traditional skills is urgent to protection, the pattern of blue calico is auspicious and festive for civilians loved nearly three hundred.


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