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“We are Starlings” is a collection of personal essays, short stories, notes and poems to my self and maybe to you; ultimately, a giant love letter to existence.

The title “We are Starlings” has a specific meaning to me. I think of the quote by Carl Sagan – that “we are made of star stuff.” Yes we are, but more than that I feel that we are the children of the stars; the darlings of the stars. So in this context ‘Starlings’ to me means the beloved Children of the Cosmos.

Hoping to piece together the puzzle and see the whole. Hope you enjoy.

With Love, Amie


About me: I love science and spirituality, hypotheses, reading, Game of Thrones, daydreaming, comedy, consciousness, provocative philosophy and espresso. Mother of a vivacious toddler and neurotic dog. Wife to a self-deprecating, dark-humored comic-artist husband. Aspiring Human.

I work in interior planning/architectural design. I have no fancy credentials, I just like to think.

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