Sipping the ‘God Soup’

Do we really create our own reality? Or is it really a ‘co-creation’ that we believe we have ultimate power over?

I wholeheartedly believe that we, as individual conscious agents, have a hand in creating – imprinting – our own realities and experiences. I think I always have. Like a small kernel of thought that lay dormant on the seabed of consciousness, waiting for me to float by and stir it from slumber.

And just so… I’ve jostled it free and now I can’t shake it! The framework follows me, haunts me, day in and day out. Hangs in my peripherals just so…prodding and poking.

Because I am ruminating on the subject so often, it seems to me that although we have some kind of power over our path, and some influence to direct our reality intentionally, we do not have true creation of it.

Say you want a new car. Even if you are very specific on the make and model of the car of in your vision, it will still come to you with the fingerprint of our current reality. It does not exist of nothing. It is manifested from the divine ether, or infinite cosmic background, and as such, contains an imprint upon it of the divine ether of which it came.

Call it physics, the tree of life, mathematics, or sacred geometry; this “existence” impresses into anything created in our reality and it cannot exist in isolation. In my own spiritual belief, this “existence” is the Cosmic Soup – the (infinite cosmic background) God Broth, as I’ve previously referred to it.

As an idea in our minds, the Soup has an archaic and primitive form. But when willed or pulled into reality, I imagine these ideas are born out of the divine rules of matter and spirit. They are pushed through this net, and have the guidance and form and function that the net provides. In essence…they are not truly original.

They are forms called forth from the Cosmic Soup, and as such,  imprinted with the divine existence, the work done by our free-willed creative minds, acting as agents & catalysts of the Cosmic Soup itself.


This idea is clear to me when I look at nature. Think of a flower in your mind, something completely new that you have never seen before. It is probably wildly imaginative, or contains colors or shapes never seen before, and that is amazing! But I believe that no flower in the mind will be as creatively, symmetrically, intrinsically designed to co-exist within the ecosystem of this world as a flower you would find in your neighborhood right now.

We can hold on to this “original” flower in our minds, but the real miracle will be a flower that comes into fruition because of our creative intent interacting with the flow of the Cosmic Soup. In other words, of putting out a creative force, and then letting go of the final product or destination. Letting the Cosmic Soup imprint for you.

We might very well create a flower in our reality by ourselves, but it will be imbued with the laws of nature and mathematics – imprinted with “existence.”

It creates itself with the desire of our conscious intentions and creative catalyst from the river of flow within. Not from the Self or Ego – never the Ego. Never forced – just allowed and urged to Be.

This is what I see now when I look at flowers and leaves and trees and books and people and outcomes and things. We all belong to & are fingerprinted by this divinity. We might have a privilege to interact with it, but not to have power over it. We wear it like a thin veil… a mist, a fog. Steaming around in the Cosmic God Soup.


((anyone craving soup as much as I am right now?!))

Belief in God… the three-letter-word

I’ve recently been trying to define my belief in God, or map it in some way, but it’s hard to describe. I’ll cut to the chase:

I think the subconscious is a direct line to God. I think the subconscious IS God.

I don’t think this is a sensational thought. In fact, I thought this to myself today and sighed in relief, as I think this is where I’ve been headed on my spiritual journey; finally, a destination of some sort has been sighted!

My own belief in God has been greatly enhanced and catapulted by recent readings from neuroscience and psychology, and also by physicists and other scientists who are trying to figure out what is this “cosmic background” that we are living in; what is “Consciousness.” And I naturally then start to wonder where the consciousness, raw emotion, ideas and imagination comes from. Within us? Without us? I personally don’t think these things originate only within ourselves… this only seems part of the equation.

I think it is entirely plausible that we are all receptors of God-consciousness and that every time we engage our imagination, feel emotions, and ideate, we are connecting to the ‘Cosmic Source’ – a divine source. I find that I am coming to the conclusion that ideas do not originate inside the bony, squishy skulls our thoughts call home: they originate through the subconscious, through the heart.

And that the heart – the spiritual, subconscious heart – is the receiver, the direct line within us of God’s divine force and intelligence.

I keep going back to the idea that the subconscious activity – as opposed to the conscious activity – is what is really driving the bus, and scientists agree. But we aren’t consciously aware of this. Why? Because we don’t have to be. We live in a biological world that has no biological need to.

Our brains are evolutionary wired to only tell us what we need to know to survive and pro-create, no more, no less. In this sense, it makes zero sense for us to know and feel all the subconscious activity that is going on in our brain. If we did, we would not function! Think about all the automatic processes that your brain is doing right now for you, and that you are not even aware: your brain is filling in holes in your vision in order to read this, your brain is automatically regulating your breathing to get your body it’s needed oxygen, your brain is creating quick, rapid-fire first impressions on my writing as you are reading this, most likely based on all your past memories and emotions in order to sort out if you should feel happy, sad, or upset – or whether or not to activate some kind of fight or flight response.

ALL of these things, and many, many more, are happening right now without you having conscious knowledge. And we do not need to know about these things, because if we had to consciously focus on them we would not have the brain function left to focus on other things, like building things, imagining things, thinking things, dreaming things….

We don’t know where our ideas or emotions come from because we don’t need to. We just feel them and think them, and they propel our lives.

I often think of ourselves as being suspended in a cosmic “soup,” within our machine-like, bio-computer bodies, and are permeable to the God-consciousness – the “God Soup” – that surrounds us. And this God-consciousness, or source, or the Infinite, or the cosmic background, or just God – whatever you would like to call it – is everything and nothing, all at the same time, continuing on into infinity, forever and ever and ever. This is how I think about God. And I think it possible we can access Him with our subconscious; that our subconscious can access infinity. A crazy thought.

When I think about God being ‘permeable’ it increases my relationship with Him (– or It, She, You, Me, whatever pronoun you prefer). God being permeable means He is more accessible – He is no longer “distant” or disconnected or omnipresent and omnipotent; what we think of when we think of an ‘infinite unyielding God.’ No – this is a God that we are co-creating with. This is a God that we are in intimate relationship with every day of our lives. This is a God that we are connected to. Permeable.

When I pray, meditate, journal, write, or do stream of consciousness writing, I feel like I’m connecting with something beyond myself. Outside of myself. And if I ‘go with the flow’ in this reflective state, I often activate my imagination. Here, in these creative thoughts or imaginative prayers, I find true passion, peace and ultimate love. God is not somewhere else; He is here.

And what is God but love – infinite, undefinable, no-restrictions love. The love that comes no-strings-attached. Feel it? Feel that love? God is within you.


When I define my belief in general terms, it comes down to two main thoughts that guide me:

  1. Separation is an illusion. This applies to all things: material, spiritual, God.  To tear down walls is to remove the “Us vs. Them” psychological prison so we may be more present and observant of our true connectedness.
  2. Live in love. Everything in love.

I’m not perfect, but I’m making strides. These two principles might come and go on my journey, but they strike me as the best guides that I have in this moment.

If I get a sense of “Us vs. Them” I know that the situation has been built on lies or untruths. If I am feeling that something is not being said or done in true, no-strings-attached love, I know it has been built on lies or untruths.

I am a seeker, and I will continue digging and seeking if I find untruths in my life and in others’ lives. Because we are all One in the Heart. Because I am You. Because You are Me. Because this is important. And the only way I think we can find these untruths is through the two steps above – nothing more, nothing less.

This is my obligation as a piece of humanity – my obligation as a piece of God.

In this way, I do not simply have a belief in God; I have a knowingness of God.


Thank you fellow heart-led blogger Mel at Mel’s Mouth, for inspiring me to write and think deeply about my belief in more distinct terms… Pushing me further down the rabbit hole 🙂

Dual Intelligence

In my last post I was contemplating emotions, and how I believe they are divine forces pulled from the Source – or the God-consciousness. Pieces of kinetic energy of the cosmic soup from which all emanates. The force of emotions are a fairly unique experience to humans and deeply embedded within our nature. We make many decisions from an emotional base. To burst into tears and sob is a truly human experience.

If given the chance to live a logic and brain-based consciousness akin to Spock and what the Vulcans on Star Trek emulate, I’m not sure it would be the best choice. To make decisions from logic without human-centeredness is a cold, harsh world that is unforgiving and unyielding. To ignore and sweep our emotions under the proverbial rug is not respectful to ourselves as human and stunts our evolution. Sometimes I get the feeling that we are headed in this direction; down a road of less nurture and kindness and more intellect and power. Less helping and more ‘sink or swim.’ Unfortunate would be the day that we do for we would be ignoring the best parts of ourselves: Love, kindness, and benevolence.

All the smarts and wisdom in the world will not make up for a lack of love and kindness.

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that true intelligence – real smarts and wisdom – come from making decisions from both the heart and brain. Not just one or the other.

I have been reading much on the subconscious and how this piece of our brain is the main motor for our lives and decisions (although we are not acutely aware of this). In concert with that is the conscious part of our brain – our ongoing thought-process and ‘self’ – a dual component of the subconscious and what we believe to be the source of our decisions. All of our experience comes from these two forces interdependent on one another, interlocking in ways we are only beginning to understand.

After thinking more on the subject of a heart-based intelligence, I ask: Is the heart the center of the subconscious? If we surmise the brain to be the center of the ‘conscious’ and logical reasoning, is the heart the center of the subconscious flow? The receiver of the information, the feeler of the information? Is the subconscious the conduit of our emotive and intuitive forces?

More wild ideas. I know any neuroscientist will explain which areas in particular are tied to the subconscious in the brain, so I am thinking quite outside the box in relating them to the heart. In any case, I feel that only by combining and leveraging both of these dual components – heart and brain, conscious and subconscious – can we fully know anything in this world and experience a human-centered life. I posit that our world needs more of this dual intelligence, for it is the only way we can step forward. Without it, we slide.

The ‘Force’ Within

In my past post I related the idea of Unity – that all exists as one, and there is no separation. Unity = God, or God-consciousness. This Unity is the mass existence of all and that which encompasses all. The Source. As such, it seems to me that within it exists energy. Kinetic potential.

Could it be possible that emotions are divine forces of energy wielded from the kinetic potential of the Unity? Is “love” just a chosen force, a chosen weapon, from the kinetic Unity? The most powerful weapon?

Fear and worry would also be kinetic components of the Unity, but ultimately self-destructive. Powerful, but difficult to bear. Source-draining. In my experience, my energy is buzzed and alive when I am expressing love. As if my battery is forever charged and continually revived in perpetuity.

I like the idea of emotions serving as the potential energy components of the cosmic God-consciousness. Emotions in our everyday lives drive and create and keep things moving. Without them, do we not evolve?

I imagine that spirits vibrate the thought forms of feelings, but they are not realized or expressed as they are in our world…here they are a force. Powerful and moving. Motivating us and allowing us serve as both creator and destructor.

Would we create or destroy in our lives if not for emotion?

Emotions are the driving, divine Force within us all. (Cue obligatory Star Wars reference!)

Thought and Heart

I have been consumed lately with the idea of consciousness and thought. Being these ‘sentient’ beings means having the wares to process information and self-reflect upon it. The fabric of individuality.

But a thought is plaguing me: Do our thoughts really come from our own psyche? Our own brains and neurons? What if our thoughts were actually ‘received’ and our brains are nothing more than sophisticated bio-computers, a way to make sense of the information we are receiving?

After reading about how the unconscious is largely responsible for vision processes, and that it is actually our brain ‘filling in’ information that makes our vision so good (not our eyes – our eyes are actually horrible)… it makes me wonder if thought really originates there.

Where does thought come from then? Is God consciousness like a soup that we are suspended within – along with our awesome bio-machine bodies – and we just receive thoughts from some where else? Thoughts from God are permeating and marinating us in a giant bowl of soup?

Does the heart receive this thought instead? Just a wild idea. I have often felt that the heart holds something fairly important. (Other than, you know, blood.) That the space there is more significant than we suppose.

Maybe the heart is the receiver and the brain is the machine that allows us to make sense of it, the synthesizer. Pulling in information; filtering, processing – all unconsciously. Just like vision, walking, moving and eating.

“Listen to Your Heart” by Roxette would take on a whole new meaning!