“You Exist Because You are Loved”

“You exist because you are loved.”

These words popped into my head after work one day, out of the blue.

I remember right where it happened: I was starting the first leg of my pedestrian commute, walking block one out of eight. Headphones on, music loudly playing. And right as I was passing a giant, red-neon, laughing Buddha at the Asian fusion restaurant across the street – BAM!

“You exist because you are loved.”

So for me, this phrase of insight that came to me so unannounced and sudden is intricately bound with the image of a red, laughing, neon Buddha.

And now it is for you as well.

The meaning of these words might seem a bit backwards at first take. A little voice in our head reasons with us: “We can be born to a family and not loved,” or, even more sadly, “I’m/she/he/them are not particularly wanted or loved, but I/he/she/they exist!”

If I hold these statements in my heart, though, I don’t think they can be true. My heart offers a different interpretation.

“You exist because you are loved.”

IF you are here or have been here, and you are reading this, or if you are existing elsewhere and not reading this – my heart posits that you were meant to be there in that moment. Therefore, you are loved infinitely more than we can fathom.

This is a world of creation, and what is creation but a form of love?

That voice of reason, the shoulder man, is there again interrupting. Reminding me that we exist because of reproduction – a biological imperative. Nothing more and nothing less.

But I think there’s more to it than that, and the girl on the other shoulder implores me to hesitate in coming to conclusions. She is wary, skeptical – but tells me to listen to my heart.

So I chase the seemingly reasonable, logical, and analytical voice away. This voice of mine is rooted firmly into the realm of what can be seen and concretely measured. Palpably observed. And these words that I am contemplating defy a logic that could ever be measured, graphed, or perhaps even fathomed –  let alone scientifically analyzed and promptly debunked.

“You exist because you are loved.”

There is so much in this world that we don’t know, yet so much here that we DO know, if we would just open up. Recognize it. Imagine the unimaginable. See a world without divisions and separations.

Life – ALL of life – is here because it IS love; therefore, it is loved. It is all connected, and we are an integral part of it.

The shoulder voices ask me many things at once: Will we ever rise up and realize these truths? Will we let our hearts guide us as much as our mind? Can we pause our logic for a moment to imagine the unseen?

I hope these words catch you in your heart as they did mine. A little stumble, a double-take at the laughing Buddha. Opening your eyes a little wider, and an offering of peace of mind – and peace of heart.

May it be a little freer, and more loved, than it was before.

“You exist because you are loved.” And you love because you exist.

Letting Go… To the Heart

In order to have control, we must give it up.

In order to have power, we must let go.

In order to rule, we must surrender.

Are these statements true?

I have been ruminating much on the meaning of these phrases for some time now, and I believe the answer is…YES.

It appears to me that a lot of wisdom is gained in life when we are able to let go of things we cannot control, to release the worries and the burdens that we carry in our hearts and minds to become freer to be otherwise. But when we let go of the conscious control, and hand our fate over to God or ‘destiny’ or what have you, are we really just gaining subconscious control? Do we hand over the reins to the heart intelligence? This, I believe, is where our true wisdom might lie…

Perhaps the world around us is intricately connected with the heart-subconscious in a way that is too complicated for us to comprehend. That they exist co-dependently somehow. If this is true, then there is no fathomable way for us to try and control this world with our conscious minds, as the conscious mind is only aware of a portion of our reality; a tiny sliver of our visible and perceptible world. Only the portion that we need to know and perceive in order to survive and evolve – no more, and no less.*

And yet the subconscious heart is the navigational system that we so desperately seek to have control of, but lies just outside of conscious reach. Maybe the only way to access this valuable information is to let go of the conscious desire, the conscious will of the ‘self’ and the ‘ego’ that is constantly dictating that WE NEED to be the driver of our lives. That WE are in control.

Instead, maybe we should hand this job off to the subconscious. To the heart.

Maybe if we want the greatest power and knowledge and peace, we should move to surrender our conscious will to the heart. (Which ironically, we have to do consciously…? Sorry, I can’t help but chuckle at that!)

Can the heart do the heavy lifting? Can the subconscious drive us to where we want and need to go?

I think it already is. Perhaps our conscious-reasoning brain is just getting in the way all the time!


*If this topic of evolutionary perception and consciousness is of interest, Google the work of Donald Hoffman, who studies consciousness, perception, and how we view reality. You can view his great TED talk here. Watching this video earlier this year really sent me down the rabbit hole!

Dual Intelligence

In my last post I was contemplating emotions, and how I believe they are divine forces pulled from the Source – or the God-consciousness. Pieces of kinetic energy of the cosmic soup from which all emanates. The force of emotions are a fairly unique experience to humans and deeply embedded within our nature. We make many decisions from an emotional base. To burst into tears and sob is a truly human experience.

If given the chance to live a logic and brain-based consciousness akin to Spock and what the Vulcans on Star Trek emulate, I’m not sure it would be the best choice. To make decisions from logic without human-centeredness is a cold, harsh world that is unforgiving and unyielding. To ignore and sweep our emotions under the proverbial rug is not respectful to ourselves as human and stunts our evolution. Sometimes I get the feeling that we are headed in this direction; down a road of less nurture and kindness and more intellect and power. Less helping and more ‘sink or swim.’ Unfortunate would be the day that we do for we would be ignoring the best parts of ourselves: Love, kindness, and benevolence.

All the smarts and wisdom in the world will not make up for a lack of love and kindness.

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that true intelligence – real smarts and wisdom – come from making decisions from both the heart and brain. Not just one or the other.

I have been reading much on the subconscious and how this piece of our brain is the main motor for our lives and decisions (although we are not acutely aware of this). In concert with that is the conscious part of our brain – our ongoing thought-process and ‘self’ – a dual component of the subconscious and what we believe to be the source of our decisions. All of our experience comes from these two forces interdependent on one another, interlocking in ways we are only beginning to understand.

After thinking more on the subject of a heart-based intelligence, I ask: Is the heart the center of the subconscious? If we surmise the brain to be the center of the ‘conscious’ and logical reasoning, is the heart the center of the subconscious flow? The receiver of the information, the feeler of the information? Is the subconscious the conduit of our emotive and intuitive forces?

More wild ideas. I know any neuroscientist will explain which areas in particular are tied to the subconscious in the brain, so I am thinking quite outside the box in relating them to the heart. In any case, I feel that only by combining and leveraging both of these dual components – heart and brain, conscious and subconscious – can we fully know anything in this world and experience a human-centered life. I posit that our world needs more of this dual intelligence, for it is the only way we can step forward. Without it, we slide.